License: Free Software
Version: 1.2.240
File size: 30 Mb
Release date: 2019
Windows (XP SP3 / Vista / Seven / 8 / 10)
No adware, no spyware, no virus.

Easy to uninstall from:
Start > Programs > iStripper> Uninstall.

Download istripper here

  • When you install iStripper, you immediately get a non nude girl dancing on your taskbar. Left click the girl to see her bigger, press the “see me naked’ button to buy her full nude show.
  • Free no nudity previews contain a few non nude clips extracted from the girl’s full nude show. It allows you to see how the stripper moves on screen and help you decide wether or not you want to buy her full nude show.When you add a free no nudity preview to your collection, it will download and play on your screen. You can access the list of your free no nudity previews from “my collection” tab with a blue “Preview only” sticker.Full shows contain a full striptease of over 30 min., split into 2 to 3 minutes clips classified by level of eroticism (from non nude to XXX).When you buy a full show, you keep it forever and you can watch it as often as you want.A sub category has been added to iStripper, it is named iStripper XXX. The girls in these shows not only strip but they also go further and have a more explicit behaviour. iStripper XXX’s girls use toys and a lot of them are in lesbian duos.

Definition: credits

Credits are iStripper virtual money.Each Full Show costs 10 to 30 credits :

    • Full Shows in UHD (4k) max. resolution cost 25 credits.
    • Collection XXX Full Shows’ in UHD (4k) max. resolution cost 30 credits.
    • Full Shows in Full HD (1080p) max. resolution cost 20 credits.
    • Collection XXX Full Shows’ in Full HD (1080p) max. resolution cost 25 credits.
    • Full Shows in HD (720p) cost 16 credits.
    • Collection XXX Full Shows’ in HD (720p) cost 20 credits.

Credits cost

You can purchase :

      • $ 4.99 – 25 credits – regular price, no discount.
      • $ 11.99 – 75 credits – 20% discount (15 free credits).
      • $ 29.99 – 250 credits – 40% discount (100 free credits).
      • $ 49.99 – 500 credits – 50% discount (250 free credits).
      • PRICES CAN CHANGE with membership status!The more shows you own the less you pay for new strippers.
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